Vocabulary_Greta and Naomi

1.embed v. = fix (an object) firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass.

2.assemble v. = (of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose.

3.chastise v. = rebuke or reprimand severely.

4.drastic adj. = likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect; radical and extreme.

5.avert v. = prevent or ward off (an undesirable occurrence).

6.insurmountable adj. = too great to be overcome.

7.panel n. = a small group of people brought together to discuss, investigate, or decide on a particular matter, especially in the context of business or government.

8.strike n. = a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in an attempt to gain a concession or concessions from their employer.

9.curb v. = restrain or keep in check.

10.emission n. = the production and discharge of something, especially gas or radiation.

11.petitioner n. = a person who organizes or signs a petition

12.dais n. = a stage, especially at one end of a room, on which people stand to make speeches to an audience

13.chancellor n. = the honorary or titular head of a university; the person who is head of state (in several countries)

14.impromptu adj. = done without preparation or planning

15.summit n. = a meeting of heads of governments

16.encounter v. = to experience sth, especially sth unpleasant or difficult, while you are trying to do sth else

17.garner v. = to obtain or collect sth such as information, support, etc.

18.revoke v. = to officially cancel sth so that it is no longer valid

19.denounce v. = to strongly criticize sb/sth that you think is wrong, illegal, etc.

20.alarmism n. = the behave of saying frightening things just to raise an alarm

21.skeptic n. = a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.

22.eloquent adj. = fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.

23.despicably adv. = in a despicable manner

24.libertarian n. = a person who strongly believes that people should have the freedom to do and think as they like

25.forum n. = a place where people can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular issue; a meeting organized for this purpose

26.consensus n. = an opinion that all members of a group agree with

27.debut n. = the first public appearance of a performer or sports player

28.high-profile adj. = receiving or involving a lot of attention and discussion on television, in newspapers, etc.

29.imitation n. = a copy of sth, especially sth expensive

30.flattery n. = praise that is not sincere, especially in order to obtain sth from sb

31.tactic n. = a plan for attaining a particular goal

32.parliament n. = the group of people who are elected to make and change the laws of a country

33.attendee n. = a person who attends a meeting, etc.

34.prediction n. =a statement that says what you think will happen; the act of making such a statement

35.dire adj. = very serious

36.exaggerated adj. = made to seem larger, better, worse or more important than it really is or needs to be

37.forensic adj. = connected with the scientific tests used by the police when trying to solve a crime

38.disinformation n. =false information that is given deliberately, especially by government organizations

39.resemblance n. = the fact of being or looking similar to sb/sth

40.council n. = a group of people who are elected to govern an area such as a city or county

41.dismiss v. = to decide that sb/sth is not important and not worth thinking or talking about

42.distort v. = to change the shape, appearance or sound of sth so that it is strange or not clear

43.dismay n. = a worried, sad feeling after you have received an unpleasant surprise

44.equivalency n. = Something absolute in value

45.organically adj. = Organic change or development happens gradually and naturally rather than suddenly.

46.skepticism n. = an attitude of doubting that claims or statements are true or that sth will happen

47.activism n. = a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal

48.liberal adj. = respecting other opinions

49.backlash n. = a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, for example to sth that has recently changed in society

50.spur v. = If something spurs a change or event, it makes it happen faster or sooner.

51.dispute v. = to question whether sth is true and valid

52.slew n. = a large number or amount of sth

53.devastating adj. = causing a lot of damage and destruction

54.severe adj. = extremely bad or serious

55.feminism n. = the movement aimed at equal rights for women

56.invasion n. = an act or a process that affects sb/sth in a way that is not welcome

57.enlist v. = to persuade sb to help you or to join you in doing sth

58.stance n. = the opinions that sb has about sth and expresses publicly

59.contagious adj. = a contagious disease spreads by people touching each other

60.pledged adj. = bound by or as if by an oath

61.undercover adj. = working or done secretly in order to find out information for the police, a government, etc.

62.bait n. = food put on a hook to catch fish or in nets, traps, etc. to catch animals or birds

63.restrictive adj. = preventing people from doing what they want

64.overreaching v. = overreaching

65.invoke v. = to mention or use a law, rule, etc. as a reason for doing sth

66.indoctrinated v. = If people are indoctrinated, they are taught a particular belief with the aim that they will reject other beliefs.

67.associate v. = to make a connection between people or things in your mind

68.lavished adj. = If you describe something as lavish, you mean that it is very elaborate and impressive and a lot of money has been spent on it.

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