1. Zeitgeist (n.) = Reflecting the ideological trend of a certain number of people within a certain period
  2. Catalyze (v.) = Promoting something
  3. Inherent (v.) = in the nature of something though not readily apparent
  4. Momentous (adj.) = very important or serious, especially because there may be important results
  5. Repudiation (n.) = refusal to acknowledge or pay a debt or honor a contract (especially by public authorities)
  6. Antiquated (adj.) = so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
  7. Dismantled (adj.) = be pulled down
  8. Disdain (n.) = Act of disrespect or contempt for others
  9. Syntactical (adj.) = Relating to the knowledge of words and sentences
  10. Protean (adj.) = able to change quickly and easily

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